On the 21 December 2016, £5,400 was sent to ACFSPI for the building of four new welding bays and the purchase of four welding machines, and for other purposes designated a need by Fr. Roger Cruz. Monies are needed for the creation of a carpentry department within the Jill Sinclair Technical School. Cash donations for to assist the orphans, the abused and abandoned children has decreased since January 2015. I appeal to all readers of this blog to try and assist through financial contributions to the JTJ Trust Fund the work for the children of MOSPI. I offer my deep appreciation to all who have assisted the work of the JTJ Trust Fund over the past years.

Founder's Message to Students of ACFSPI and Jill Sinclair Technical School.

In the year of Our Lord 2017, we celebrate twenty years of MOSPI. We are thankful to the Lord for the work of MOSPI to the economically weak families of San Jose del Monte, and of Bulacan and Manila. 2017, is also the year that I celebrate twenty years in the Ministerial Priesthood of the Catholic Church. It is through the grace of God being alive and active in the Catholic Church that we have come to see accomplished the mighty works of God for his economically poor children. The work of God and the work of the Church are one and the same, the salvation of the world. It is Christ who provides the Church with the fullness of the means of salvation. Mater Orphanorum and Ateneo Casa Famiglia were born out of the Corporal Works of Mercy. Neither was born out of the mind of the Founders. The teaching of Jesus and the Spirit of God are the first cause of their founding. "Be Compassionate as your Heavenly Father is Compassionate. The acronyms, MOSPI and ACFSPI, are used to designate the work of the Servants of the Poor. MOSPI is founded and supported to feed, clothes educate and nourish the bodies and souls of many abandoned, abused and suffering children and young adults. It is through this work that the Servants of the Poor direct their efforts toward the things of God. ACFSPI arose out of a natural and progressive need to educate the orphans. ACFSPI educates the orphans, the children of the indigenous tribe of the Dumagats and the many sons and daughters who come through the replacement of squatters from Manila in Sapang Palay by progressive governments since 1960. The Sacred and Saving means of the Catholic Church empowers all its children to be bearers and receivers of the corporal works of Mercy. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to instill in the hearts of all the faithful a loving concern and a caring disposition to all who suffer want in the world. MOSPI and ACFSPI, have remained in existence through the Fruits of The Holy Spirit. The witnessing to these fruits is in the love of the donor's and their acts of generosity, goodness, and gentleness toward the poor children of both legal incorporations. The Lord holds all of the humanity in his loving embrace through the open and welcoming arms of our Mother Church. MOSPI and ACFSPI are born out of the life and ministry of our Mother Church. It is Mother Church that brought Fr. Roger and myself together twenty-five years ago so that the work of MOSPI and ACFSPI might become a living witness to the reality of God's loving care. God, in his Church, holds a special care for his abused and abandoned children and for all those who suffer from the sin and selfishness of the world's darkness. A darkness of selfishness that is alive in the minds and hearts of the powerfully corrupt. 2017, will be a year of intense sorrow and pain for many people and families in the Philippines. The abuse of the authority that comes from God by a powerful and worldly people is becoming more evident. The world readily believes in lies while growing in disbelief of the truth of faith. The abuse of religious and human rights is now the common place where once those recreated in the image and likeness of Christ walked freely and without hindrance. The work of persecution reigns in the corridors of power where once peace-makers lived. My dear children stay active in the Faith of the Church and witness to the work of the Risen Christ in your lives. My dear children, keep true to the faith of the Catholic Church, study and learn about the beauty of our human, spiritual and intellectual creation while coming to know the actual nature of all the universe as created by our loving and merciful God. My dear children, you will experience good times and bad times, you will experience joy and sorrow, you will experience peace and hardship and Christ with his Church will be your constant companion through all of our human histories. My dear children live your lives in Christ and stay with the teachings and Sacraments of the Catholic Church in all you do and achieve on earth in your lifetime. Be alive to the glory of God and stay alive in his love and grace for you all. A blessed and faith-filled life that is ours in the sacred life of the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. "Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise - the fruit of lips that openly profess his name" (Heb 13:15).


A sum of £10,000 will be sent to ACFSPI before the end of March through the JTJ Trust Fund. This money is to facilitate the buying of machinery and working tools required by the Government Educational Department for the Jill Sinclair Technical School. With, the proper machinery in place we will  receive the proper accreditations to open the school within the next month. 

£55,000 has already been spent last year to help build the new Technical School. Due to this large outlay of money donations are needed to care for the orphans of MOSPI for the year 2016. I encourage all who read this to please help to secure the funding of the needs of the orphaned and abandoned children throughout the coming year. I need your help to achieve this goal. Fr. Jim.


Upcoming events to raise funds as discussed at Trustees Meeting.

Fr. Jim reported that Trevor Horn will be organising a music fundraising event. The group all agreed with Fr. Jim that most funds from Trevor's event will be ring fenced with a sum being sent directly to the Philippine Corporations. Fr. Jim and Sue Mc Goldrick would draft a policy document which can be circulated to all Trustees and ratified by email.
Fr. Jim proposed that Margaret Gill be appointed as a Trustee. This was unanimously agreed by the Trustees present. 
Sue Mc Goldrick informed the group that Sittingbourne community Choir will be be performing at a Christmas Fund Raising event on the 14 th December 2015 in the Carmel Hall.
Hazel Scotland proposed a high profile event in the House of Commons. Gabriel Ivbijaro and Patricia Scotland as possible speakers. Sponsorship needed. JT to speak to Phillipino contacts. Auction will be included on the night.


Financial help needed

With 40 Orphan Boys living in MOSPI, each day is a difficulty for Fr. Roger, Director of MOSPI, to obtain money for tuition fees, for food, electricity bills, water bills and MOSPI salaries and other expenses. The building of proper facilities to educate, house the boys and to help educate the 200 or so poor children in ACFSPI has been mostly achieved.  How do we  maintain the fabric of the buildings so that they remain at a high standard of quality is another constant problem.  I was very much unaware of these difficulties of Fr. Roger, I was engaged in getting the buildings completed. Now, that I am aware of this need I respond by appealing to Filipino's domiciled in Luzon and wider afield.

I need Filipino sponsors, living in the Philippines, to assist financially, Fr. Roger in caring for all of the children of MOSPI, ACFSPI and the wider locality whilst also giving financial aid to maintain the buildings of both incorporations. Some resident wealthy Filipinos have helped, so I beg from the others who have not yet helped but desire to do so.

On the 12 September the inauguration of the Jill Sinclair Technical Building will take place. Extensive repairs have also been carried out on the roofs and interior of the older buildings. While all of this is seen as a good the better good is in the actual care of the children.

I know the Philippines has other areas of deprivation but Fr. Roger cannot be expected to beg and borrow to feed, to educate and to cover the other costs of 40 orphans.

It is true that no more major buildings will be built so the monies that will come from the JTJ Trust Fund in the future will assist Fr. Roger but financial help from Filipinos living in the Philippines is essential to the continuance of his vital work for the poor. Please contact Fr. Roger Cruz 09328541251, Benie 09366189206, Jennifer 09063140374 to make a financial donation to the personal need of the 40 orphans.

Without the financial help of resident Filipinos we will never be able to achieve our full potential of care for your poor and orphaned brother and sisters. Fr. Jim Teeling. Hon. Founding President of MOSPI & ACFSPI.

Be cheerful in your Giving while asking yourself ' What can I do to HELP?'


Jill Sinclair Technical School Sapang Palay.

£50,000 (Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterling) was sent through the JTJ Charity Bank Account to ACFSPI bank account for the construction of a Technical School in memory of Jill Sinclair. 

Two engineers have been consulted and it is hoped that Fr. Jim can dedicate the Technical School to Jill's memory and to their friendship when he visits mid August into September.

It is personally important to Fr. Jim that we remember Jill's friendship and kindness to the children for near fifteen years.

Trevor and the children have agreed to the Technical School being dedicated to Jill's memory.   Trevor, Ally, Aaron, William and Gabriella's kindness is expressed through their continuing yearly donation to ACFSPI & MOSPI.

Funds are still needed for the purchase of lathes, industrial drills, welding machines and teaching equipment for the Technical School, plus teachers' salaries.

Fr. Jim gives thanks to Trevor and the Children for allowing the Technical School to be dedicated to the memory of Jill.


£1500 was lodged from the Paypal account into the JTJ Bank Account, this money will be forwarded to the ACFSPI Filipino Account to be used for preparing the grounds for the building of the Technical School for the poor children of Sapang Palay.

Copy of email sent by Jill to Fr. Jim on the 25/07/2001

This is a confirmation that I intend to continue contributing £...... pounds sterling a year to the charity that Father Jimmy is running for his wonderful work. I will also try to get other people to contribute as well so that he might be able to do more good works than his limited resources allow at present. Yours, Jill Sinclair.

Note received July 2005 : I'm sorry about the delay (Cheque) May G-- continue to bless you with health, strength and courage. All the best, Jill. Received July 2005